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Get training at our school and become a professional pilot

Get a European Pilot License

Get a European
Pilot License

We are the official representatives of Austro Control GMBH for conducting examinations for pilots in accordance with the EASA rules. Upon completion of the training you will receive the European Pilot Licence.

Learn to fly on modern airplanes

Learn to fly
on modern airplanes

We use modern training technologies and training tools. You will get training on modern aircraft and simulators – it will allow you to comprehend and acquire the skills of using modern aircraft (Glass Cockpit) of Civil Aviation

Training with European approved specialists

Training with European
approved specialists

The training is conducted by professional instructors with experience of more than 5 years and European certificates. It guarantees the productivity of your training and 100% positive exam results.

Discover the Sky of Europe

Discover the Sky
of Europe

After studying with us you will receive a European pilot license which gives you an opportunity to fly in Europe and some privileges compared to other ICAO pilot licenses.

Study in Ukraine

Study in Ukraine

  You will spend a significant part of your studies in Ukraine, the other – in Madrid (Spain). It reduces the overal price and makes training more convinient and affordable.



Our training courses

EASA ATPL theory

A theoretical course approved by the European aviation authority, which is required for each professional pilot.


Conversion ICAO to EASA licenses

Conversion is the process of obtaining an EASA pilot license based on your current ICAO pilot license.


Pilot training “From PPL to ATPL (f)”

The training program “From PPL to ATPL (f)” is for those who already have a Private Pilot Licence PPL (A)


Pilot training “From 0 to ATPL (f)”

The training program “From 0 to ATPL (f)” is for those who have no previous aviation experience.


Aviation English Course

Aviation English Course


Aircraft rental (Time Building)

We give you an oppurtunity to rent an aircraft (two or four seat) in order to trevel across Ukraine or abroad.



Passing official EASA PPL, CPL and ATPL theory exams from Austro Control in Ukraine


About us


Our School:

20 airplanes

Our fleet consists of 20 modern aircrafts

3 Locations

Training locations: Kyiv, Vienna, Valencia

200 pilots

We have already trained more than 200 pilots

330 days

Thankfully to our great training locations we fly 330 days a year!




Our students



Ricardo T.

Student from Portugal

Did my PPL training – everything was perfect – theory and flight training were done in Spain. I was provided with accomodation at the aerodrome, flights were almost every day without delays with maximum attention from instructors. Thank you guys!

Elena T.

Student from Spain

I’m currently doing my Pilot training at Casarrubios near the Madrid. The location is very convinient – everything needed located at the aerodrome. Instructors are very professional, they speak both Spanish and English which is also very important for me.




Where does the training take place?

The theoretical part of the pilot training is conducted in our training center in Kyiv at st. Leipzig 3A. The practical part – training flights – are held at our airport “Aerodromo de Casarrubios” (LEMT) near the city of Madrid, Spain.

What type of aircraft are used for training ?

Practical training (flight training) is conducted on different types of aircraft depending on the stages of training. The initial stage (PPL and Time Building) is carried out on Tecnam P2002-JF. IR (Instrument rating) is performed on Cessna 172S, Diamond DA40, Beechcraft B24R. ME (Multi engine) is performed on aircraft. Tecnam P2006T, Diamond DA42NG.

In what language is the education conducted?

The main purpose of training is to obtain a European EASA license, so the theoretical part is in English. To improve the level, we offer aviation English courses.

Is it possible to pay for training in instalments?

Yes, instalments payment is possible – you pay for your tuition as you progress through it. The stages are set individually for each course.

How long is a pilot’s license valid?

The pilot’s license is issued by the Civil Aviation Authority and is valid as long as you have a valid medical certificate and a valid qualification.

How old do I have to be before I can start flight training?

There is no a certain age before you can start flying training. However, you must be 16 years old to fly the aircraft yourself and 17 years old to obtain a pilot’s license.

How much does it cost to learn to fly and get a pilot’s license ?

There are many factors that affect the cost of training, such as: the frequency of flight lessons, weather conditions, the category of the aircraft in which you train and its availability for training, as well as individual abilities. Depending on the course, prices range from about 8,000 euros to 48,000 euros.

What is procedure for starting the course?

Fist of all, you have to sign a contract with us. Then we will provide you with training materials, assign a schedule. We organize the process of the medical commission. After having completed that, you may start studing procces.


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