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Program “from PPL to EASA ATPL”

From PPL to ATPL (f) training

The training program “PPL to ATPL (f)” is designed for those who already have a private pilot’s license PPL (A). We accept PPL (A) certificates or licenses issued by any ICAO member country. During the training you will pass all stages of preparation for the level of a pilot of commercial aviation EASA CPL. The abbreviation ATPL (f) or ATPL (frozen) means that at the end of the program, you will receive a European certificate of commercial pilot CPL (A) with the right to fly multi-engine aircraft according to the rules of instrument flight (ME IR rating), as well as a certificate of theoretical training at the level of line pilot of airlines (ATPL theory certificate). This will allow you to further obtain a European airline pilot certificate ATPL (A) without undergoing additional theoretical training !!

Stage 1: Theoretical preparation of ATPL

Duration: 5-6 months. Location: Training Center in Kiev

Training is conducted in face-to-face and online form in a schedule , which will be agreed with you in advance. The training course includes the study of 14 special disciplines with the subsequent passing of 14 exams under the supervision of the European Civil Aviation Administration, which are also held in our class in Kyiv. read more here

Stage 2: Training flights as an commander of aircraft (PIC)

Duration: individually (within 2 months). Location: Airfields of Ukraine / Spain.

This stage of training is conducted to improve the skills of piloting, performing independent flights and flying the necessary hours for further training. In order to expand the geography of flights and gain international experience, we organize such flights both in Ukraine and in Europe at our airfields. The amount of required flights will be assessed individually depending on your previous flight experience – assuming that before the start of the instrument flight training phase, you must have 100 hours of flight experience as a PIC.

Stage 3: Instrument flight training

Duration: 2 months. Location: Spain.

Every professional pilot should be able to operate the aircraft, focusing only on the instruments.
During this stage of preparation we will teach you this. The 61-hour training includes flights on single-engine (50 hours) and twin-engine (11 hours) aircraft in all weather conditions. The flights will be performed in the airspace of Spain with landings and calls at international airports

Етап 4: Підготовка пілота коммерційної авіації

Duration: 2-4 weeks . Location: Spain.

After completing the instrument flight training, we will prepare you for the level of a commercial pilot.
You will fly with a qualified instructor in the amount of 15 hours – 10 hours on a single-engine aircraft and 5 on a twin-engine Upon completion of this stage, we will assign you a flight test with an examiner, after the successful completion of which you will become the happy owner of the European license of a commercial pilot – EASA CPL (A)

Step 5: Preparation for the type of aircraft Airbus A320 or Boeing 737NG (optional)

Prepare for one of the most popular types of aircraft by modern airlines.
The training program includes the most innovative training methods, conducted by current pilots-instructors of airlines using the latest simulators. Training takes 1.5-2 months.

Start of next course - 25 of November

Duration - 10 month

Where is the training - Ukraine/Spain

Price: from 24000 EUR

Enroll to the next course – only 15 places


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